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  • A minimum of 100€ non-refundable deposit will be due at the time of booking. The remaining balance and taxes (IVA) will be paid the day of the event upon the party host’s arrival.

  • By providing a deposit for booking, the host agrees to all of Casita Club's guidelines and is obligated to inform their guests of any pertinent information regarding play, safety, and usage of the space. The host also agrees to be responsible for all of their guests during the event. Any noncompliance of attendees will be addressed directly with the host.

  • Celebrations booked by CASITA CLUB members:

    • A 10-15% discount (depends on membership) will be applied to the total celebration cost and reflected in the remaining balance due. A full deposit as noted in our terms is due at the time of booking.

    • Memberships must be in good standing as of the date of the party in order to receive a member discount. Should a membership lapse prior to the event date, the discount will not apply.



  • By entering Casita Club space, you and your guests agree to the terms and conditions of the Visitor Agreement.  Please ensure that guests are aware of the agreement. Copies of the agreement are available on-site.  Please ask our team members for more information.

  • All guests are encouraged to wear socks inside the play/learn area.

  • Party hosts agree to the scheduled time slots. If a host arrives late, the party will still end at the scheduled time. 

  • The party host is allowed a 15-minute "free" period for set-up and clean up, before and after the scheduled party time. 

  • No smoking or drug use of any kind is allowed in the space of  Casita Club. 

  • No pets allowed.

  • Casita Club is not responsible for lost or stolen items or for any physical harm done to anyone while attending an event/party.


  • A final total for adults and children is due one week ahead of the event. If on the day of the event, the number of children exceeds prior given headcount, the party host will be charged the appropriate additional amount listed within their package. Please note total number of guests cannot exceed the legal limit. 

  • Children 12 months and under are free and not included in guest count.  A child is considered anyone 10 years and under. Our play area is designed for children 6 and under. Children older than 6 may accompany their younger siblings as long as they are playing in a manner that’s appropriate for our adapted space. 


  • A Casita Club staff member is required to be present for all parties.  You may select from the following:

    • On-Site Manager will remain on-site for the duration of the party to provide guidance on our audio system, oversee guest arrival, ensure that our equipment is working effectively and ensure proper care and use of the facility. They will not lead or facilitate games or activities. They are not responsible for providing care.

    • Celebration Coordinator interacts with children and leads them in a variety of games/ activities (freeze dance, parachute, musical chairs, etc). They will also provide guidance on our audio system, oversee guest arrival, ensure that our equipment is working effectively and ensure proper care and use of the facility. They are not responsible for providing care.


  • Outside entertainment may be allowed only with prior management approval.

  • You may bring additional balloons, birthday signage, party favors, etc.  You have a 15-minute grace period before and after your scheduled party to set up and clean up any additional decorations.

  • You may use non-permanent tape to hang any items - NO push pins, staples, nails, etc. 

  • Anything hung for the celebration must be taken down before you leave. 

  • No sparklers or sparkling candles.

  • Confetti is not allowed. If used, you agree to pay a 80€ clean up fee which will be charged to the credit card on file upon departure. 

  • You may bring in your own extra tables(s), chairs, or speakers.

  • Your area must be clean before departure.


  • Outside food is permitted.  You have a 15-minute free period before and after your scheduled party for food set up and clean up.

  • All food/drink must stay in the designated area. 

  • Hands and faces must be free of food before entering the play area.

  • Alcohol is permitted upon request.  

  • Glass containers are not allowed.

  • We have a small refrigerator available for use.


  • A standard cleaning fee is included in the package price. In the event excessive cleaning and/or damage repairs are required to return the facility to its original condition, the host agrees to pay for the adequate damages and will be invoiced within 7 days of Event Date. Examples of scenarios where an excessive cleaning fee may be assessed include: spilled food/liquid in the play area, excessive food waste on the floor, liquid/ food spills on furniture.


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