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Hi there!

Casita Club, originally created by American mom with the vision to create a space where children could play and learn while other moms enjoyed a coffee and good conversation. She wanted a space that as her kids grew, Casita could evolve and could grow with them. A place where fun and learning are interchangeable. 


The concept quickly became a family space where one can; play, learn and celebrate!


Now Kate, mother and teacher with over 15 years in education, has continued the vision to help children and moms learn and practice English in a natural setting. 

At Casita, you will find something for everyone.

From morning classes for adults and toddlers to afternoon English Fun, your child will learn by playing, creating hands on crafts, role playing, working with a partner and in groups to build their confidence with English & help them grow!


We also offer creative & themed workshops on the weekends along with a space for you to celebrate a birthday or special event!

We can't wait for you to join the club! 

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